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5 Reasons why should you choose A-Janaika Japan

Trust: We are an Official Trusted Seller of 70+ Traditional local Workshops in Japan

We aim to work as close to the manufacturer as possible, to connect you better with the craftsmen and local workshop.

From filming burning hot metal slowly poured into the shape of the kettle at a small foundry in Oshu City, Iwate prefecture to observing intricate yet rhythmical series of movement by seasoned artisans to thoroughly blend hair for makeup brush in Kumano, Hiroshima, we have traveled all over Japan to discover unique local craftsmen with skills still unknown to many parts of the world.

Since 2015, A-Janaika Japan project team gathered unique Japanese handicraft from all parts of Japan, and now we have over 70+ workshops that work with us to make their exquisite piece of art available to buy online through our platform.

Not only we sell crafts from their workshop, we hope to promote the art of their long-established artistry by creating rich contents through our blog and social media like Instagram, Facebook or our official Youtube channel.

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Choices: More than 2000 High-quality Japanese products

image of wide range of japanese traditional craft on sale online

Our focus is to make high-end Japanese crafts more available to the worldwide audience.

Large selection of products that we carefully chose ourselves. We know the manufacturer, workshop, and the people works there that is passionate about their products. We connect with them, and often, we actually visited their workshop to better understand the craft and story behind the Japanese tradition.

However, we know that there are still unique Japanese crafts out there. So if you have a specific item in mind that you can’t find elsewhere online, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Value: Fair & the Best price guarantee

Our price is as low as the domestic price.
We have an automatic system that checks currency rate every day and changes the price accordingly. This makes sure that you can buy the traditional crafts for the lowest price at the all time.
We believe that the customer should be able to buy Japan’s refined work of art regardless of where they are, and without paying for ridiculous “oversea” price that is significantly higher than the domestic price.


Delivery: Free Shipping & Shipment tracking

Free Shipping

We offer worldwide free shipping* to all the purchase over USD100.
The idea behind this campaign is that one should be able to purchase the products without worrying about shipment cost as if they are shopping from an actual physical shop in Japan.
*May not be applicable for the oversized/overweight item.

Shipment Tracking & Door-to-door delivery

Upon receiving the order, we will start preparing your package. The tracking code will be sent to you through our system upon dispatching the package, which let you track your shipment

Professional packaging

Tak Fujiyama the CEO of AJJ Inc, has 20+ years of experience in distribution and international shipping. He oversees all the packaging and shipment himself, and make sure that ALL the packages will be delivered to your door without any damage to the content.
We are proud to say that while we have been shipping hundreds of packages every month, we have never had a complaint from a customer about the damage from international delivery.


Service: Happy customers

cecilialamb picture kiwami chikuhodo set sold at A-Janaika Japan

All the handicrafts that we sell through our online platform are very unique. This is why we think it’s very important to have dedicated customer service.
We will connect you and the Japanese craftsman, so that you have a better understanding of the extensive details and beauty of their artistry, and the craftsman can know more about their customer oversea.
Here is some example of voices of happy customers. (Thank you for agreeing to post here!)

Thanks @ajj.makeupbeauty for the lovely gift. PS. For those who are still looking for a set please check out @ajj.makeupbeauty's web store for the last set. They are most friendly and offer great service! - @cecilialamb


History: Belief background about A-Janaika Japan Project from 2015-2017

“A-Janaika Japan” project started out as a small start-up project within Milestone Inc in Yokohama in April 2015. Our mission was to create an accessible, multi-language (5, as of October 2017) user-friendly online platform that sells Japanese traditional crafts and culture.

To achieve our end, we have reached and collaborated with many workshops to learn their work of art, while combining it with cutting-edge modern technology to best present the beauty of their craft. We worked hard to capture all the refined details and thought that has been put in the work by the artisan.
Becoming Independent: Founding AJJ Inc
Now in 2017, led by the project founder and experienced leader Tak Fujiyama and multi-talented young partner Hiro Kano, AJJ (short for A-Janaika Japan) Inc was founded as a Japanese startup company based in Kamakura.

We are a small but very agile company that passionate about our work, Japanese culture and tradition. We strive to solve problems for our customers and supplier with our multi-language e-commerce platform, A-Janaika Japan.

Learn more about our team of diversely talented people here

Contact us for any questions

We look forward to serving you!

Tak Fujiyama & Hiro Kano
A-Janaika Japan team – AJJ Inc