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Cool Life with Japanese Culture

Who Is A-Janaika Japan?

We are a small, dedicated team located in Kamakura City, Japan.

Find out more about our team (link to blog)

We Have Close Relationships with Artisans and Workshops Across Japan

A-Janaika Japan was founded for the dual purpose of spreading traditional Japanese culture and crafts throughout the world and supporting the livelihood of Japanese artisans and workshops. To this end, we have built strong connections with these craftspeople, visiting their workshops, observing their processes and skills, and hearing their stories. You can find a collection of their stories on our official Blog and Youtube Channel.

We Are Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

We aim to have 100% of our customers happy with their A-Janaika Japan shopping experience.

Here’s some feedback from satisfied customers:

Jason from USA – Japanese Sensu fan

“I'm very happy with my Edo-sen. I don't like using air conditioning at home; electric fans are as high-tech as I go, so the sensu did great service in helping to keep me cool (and in relaxed, good gentlemanly style!) during the hot and humid Minneapolis summer. As you might know, sensu are rarely seen in public in the US, and even less so among men. But in private, my friends commented very favorably on its tasteful looks, and considering our weather, I think they wanted something so sensibly practical and tasteful for themselves too. I recommended A-Janaika to them, and will do so in the future as well.

I will be grateful for the fan yet again when summer returns this year.”

Elena from Russia – Makeup brushes

“Many thanks for your prompt reply - I have contacted EMS post office and they have delivered the package today!

I'm very happy with brushes and would definitely order more of that type in some time in the future! :)”

Peter from Switzerland – Nousaku animal shaped decoration

“Thanks a lot Hiro, I know I got what I paid for ;)

the item just arrived today, so indeed it was within the two-week period.

Many thanks again.”

Fred from Malaysia – Fireproof safe for Japanese sword

“Many thanks for the pictures and feedback. It is a privilege to see the artisans and their workshop. Japanese people are still very much craftsmen and artisans and I am glad I am acquiring their work and skills. I was very much surprised that they were making the safe themselves.”

Our Prices Are Competitive and Fair

We understand there are other online shops selling Japanese goods, however many of these are selling goods at a price significantly higher than what they’re available for in Japan. At A-Janaika Japan, we strongly believe that traditional Japanese crafts should be available for everyone, everywhere, at the same price as they are in Japan.

Concierge Shopping Service: Can’t Find It Online? We’ll Find It For You

We have strong connections with many Japanese businesses, from yukata to Higonokami pocket knives and Tamahagene steel. So, if you want something from Japan, we’ll do our best to provide it for you. 

We will also work flexibly around your budget, to make sure that you receive authentic Japanese crafts at reasonable prices.

Jason from USA – Custom Hand-made Yukata

“Just received the yukata, and it's a perfect fit. I like the pattern of light, subtly-colored thin stripes on black, and the breaks in the stripes bring to mind bamboo nodes; a traditional yet very understated touch. But I found that the weave also contains a playful surprise: when light shines through the fabric, you see a broader stripe pattern that isn't visible otherwise! A two-for-one, as we might say in English. Detail like that is one of the things that define Japanese artisanship, and this yukata exemplifies it all around. I couldn't be more pleased.

Thank you so much for going to the trouble to help me with this purchase. I'm very grateful.”

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Buy Unique Items, Made-To-Order to Your Requests

You may notice some items with a “Contact us” button instead of an “Add to cart” button - these are made-to-order items. For these items, we listen to your requests, and work closely with the craftspeople/ workshops to deliver original items made especially for you.

Here’s a simple infographic about the process of ordering made-to-order items:

1/ Once we receive your first email, we make contact with the craftspeople/workshops, then get back to you with more details.

2/ If you're happy with the details, you confirm via email, and include your shipping information. We send you an invoice, which can be paid via PayPal.

3/ Once we receive confirmation of your payment, we place an order with the craftsperson/ workshop.

4/ We keep you updated on the progress of your order, and as soon as it's finished, we ship it to your location.

 Contact us today at

For Corporate Customer

If you are looking for business to business (B2B and OEM) deal with Japanese craftsmen and workshop, you have come to just the place! Check out the link below for more detailed information.

Company Information

Name of company AJJ Inc.
Established May 2017
Representative Director Namiko Fujiyama
Main Office 5-5 Sasamecho, Kamakura city, Kanagawa, 248-0015 JAPAN
Capital Stock 1.1 million yen
No. of employees 2
Business operation
  • 1. Online sales of collector’s items that include Japanese traditional crafts, antique item, food etc
  • 2. Planning, introducing, and marketing of Japanese crafts and miscellaneous goods.
  • 3. Sale and introduction of Japanese cultural and traditional items.