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nanbu ironware placed on glass

Nambu Tekki; better known as Nambu Ironware was said to be introduced at the end of the 17th century by Kyoto craftsmen that have branched out of casting Buddhist ceremonial items and Samurai Armors. While it is made of metal, its stylish outlook yet mysterious feel when touched made it a popular gift to feudal lords during the Edo Period. Each of these kettles come in a different color and pattern according to the theme it was based on, ranging from traditional flower motives to the more intricate dragon and phoenix carvings.

During casting, the insides of the kettle are burnt over charcoal fire and then left to oxidize for a certain amount of time. This process is then repeated to prevent rusting and add to the kettle’s durability. As the entire tea kettle is made of pure iron, its high iron content also makes it the perfect solution to those that battle iron deficiency problems daily. When water is boiled in a Nambu Tekki kettle, the water will give off a mild yet pleasant taste and the overall quality of the water will only become better with each repeated use.
Your water will never taste the same again!

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