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Samurai Armor Accessories

To add the finishing touches to your samurai armor kit or simply infuse your clothing and interior with a unique samurai spirit, count on A-Janaika for a wide range of authentic samurai accessories from comfortably casual to beautifully battle-ready.
Waraji are straw shoes that were common during the Edo period. Made from ‘wara’ (straw), they were worn by both men and women. Painstakingly handmade using traditional techniques, A-Janaika’s waraji are fashionable, funky and distinctly Japanese. While used for chanting, Juzu Buddhist prayer beads – which come in red for Sanada Yukimara and blue for Date Masamune – also make great accessories.
Gunbai were used by the busho to lead his army into battle. A regal piece of equipment, gunbai are crafted from solid wood and lavishly decorated with beaten gold patterns and the clan’s mon (family crest). A-Janaika’s gunbai come with a proud stand for display.

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