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KOYUDO "晃祐堂"

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The sense of pride, respect and finely tuned skills that goes into Koyudo’s makeup brushes is clear - techniques have been refined so that each brush performs optimally, with a sense of elegance.
Koyudo draws on decades of experience as a calligraphy brush manufacturer in the famous Kumano region, and are one of the world’s most sought-after makeup brush brands. The company is dedicated to crafting professional quality makeup brushes that empower people to enhance their natural physical beauty, and instill a sense of confidence by doing so.
In addition to a more traditional makeup brush color palette, Koyudo is famed for its chic range of brushes, such as heart-shaped bristles in a candy-pink hue, and macaroon-shaped powder brushes in vibrant violet, pink and orange colors.

Whichever brush you use, Koyudo’s commitment to quality ensures that each brush is made to the same professional standard.

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