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Aoki Bonsai - 青木盆栽

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  1. Photo-01

    Fujibuna (Daihin Bonsai) - 富士ブナ 大品盆栽

    The Fujibuna is a large-sized bonsai that has an estimated age of 71 years. The selling point of this bonsai is its natural yet ancient look as well as its calming appearance. The division of its branches is also a feature to look at. (Tree height: 57cm Learn More
  2. Yamamomiji (Shohin Bonsai) - 山もみじ 小品盆栽

    Yamamomiji (Shohin Bonsai) - 山もみじ 小品盆栽

    (Tree height: 17cm) x (Width: 22cm) x (Length: 19cm) x (Base: 8cm) Learn More
  3. Mini Bonsai - ミニ盆栽

    Mini Bonsai - ミニ盆栽

    Cute, miniature Bonsai that you can put on your palm! As an delightful interior decolation, for your house or office, you can place it anywhere you want! Learn More
  4. Yamamomiji (Daihin Bonsai) - 山もみじ 大品盆栽

    Yamamomiji (Daihin Bonsai) - 山もみじ 大品盆栽

    (Tree height: 78cm) x (Width: 85cm) x (Length: 80cm) x (Root spread: 36cm) Learn More
  5. Photo-01

    Keyaki (Daihin Bonsai) - ケヤキ/欅 大品盆栽

    This Keyaki is a larger-sized bonsai that has an estimated age of 51 years and is sold in a Yamafusazo Basin. The highlight of this broom bonsai is how each and every branch is carefully trimmed and taken good care of. We recommend this for those looking Learn More