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Sendai Tansu - 仙台箪笥

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  1. Fumibako (Letter box) - 文箱

    Fumibako (Letter box) - 文箱

    A letter box roughly the size of an A4 paper that can be used to store documents. Learn More
  2. Temoto Kodansu (Small tansu) - 手許小箪笥

    Temoto Kodansu (Small tansu) - 手許小箪笥

    A smaller and more compact sea chest. Also comes with locks on the doors and its bottom drawer. Learn More
  3. Funa-dansu (Sea-Chest) - 舟箪笥

    Funa-dansu (Sea-Chest) - 舟箪笥

    A large sea chest reproduced to look like the traditional ones used in the Edo period by Japanese tradesmen. Comes with a lock on its doors and has 3 levels of drawers in it. Learn More