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Unique Japanese Items for All Occasions


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Providing BtoB solution for Japanese traditional crafts.

From those Japanese crafts that you see in the souvenir shops in sightseeing to a real piece of art displayed at the museum, Japanese craftsmen has been continuously displayed their skill and dedication to provide the highest quality product for centuries.

A-Janaika Japan provide very accessible platform to showcase and sell their work to customers worldwide. Though we mainly deal with Business-to-customer. We have international corporate customer in U.S.A., Germany, France, Norway, U.A.E. and Singapore.


We introduce you to OEM Manufacturing company in Japan.

  • Connect with various Japanese companies and workshops from all over Japan. We deal with over 70 unique workshops and few hundreds craftsmen.
  • Start from 2000+ products listed on A-Janaika Japan. From luxurious 24K smartphone case to Japanese sword, if it’s Japanese crafts, chances are it is on our website.
  • Professional product development skill and unique technique. Many of the company and workshop we deal with has years of experience in manufacturing OEM parts and equipment.
  • "Made in Japan” quality standard.
  • We can remove language barrier between you and Japanese workshop
  • Dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We will support you on every step of the OEM production.
  • Fast, Reliable Shipping with tracking code