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Jagariko set of 12 - Potato & Butter



Japanese Potato snack set of 12.

Ingredients: Potato(non-transgenic), vegetable oil, whey powder, dextrin, butter(100% made in Hokkaido prefecturem, Japan), sodium chloride, starch syrup, potato powder, sugar, powdered nonfat milk, parsley, lactose, emulsifier, caseinNA, flavoring agent, seasoning (amino acid, etc,.), antioxidant(V.C, V.E),

*Part of ingredients include soybean and dairy product.

Estimated delivery: For 5-7 days

Product code: 000573492


This Jagariko potato stick is very crispy and has light taste!

Excellent combination of gently steamed then fried potatoes, coarse salt and butter!

#There may be chances where the product is accidently crushed upon delivery. However, there is nothing wrong with the product itself and can be eaten as usual.

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