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With its founding in 1916 Nousaku Corporation started by producing cast metal in Takaoka City (Toyama Prefecture), which has flourished as a center of industry over the last 400 years. The manufacturing process involves a technique called Chuzo (casting) pouring the molten metal into a mold with a hollow cavity of the desired shape allowing it to solidify. The finished metal ware is then called Imono (cast metal).

After its establishment Nousaku first started manufacturing Buddhist altar fittings, tea sets and flower vases, but had to make additions to their lineup due to lifestyle changes of today's society. That's why Nousaku started to expand their assortment of goods with tableware, bells and other interior goods at beginning of the 21th century, using the famous manufacturing process of Takaoka's metal ware casting.
By participating as an exhibitor at various events Nousaku overcame difficulties and succeed in making a name for themselves.


Living up to the request of customers who wanted tableware made from cast metal Nousaku started the production of an antibacterial tin tableware – its second characteristic being the bendability of the material. This is how the “Bendable Basket Series “, which is one of Nousaku's most iconic products, came to be.

Summing up the recent years of its history Nousaku pursued and continues to pursue innovative challenges by exploring other fields of businesses, in which their expertise may be utilized, including lightning equipment, cast metal for art or construction, or parts for medical instruments.
Nousaku's mission is to preserve and hand down the knowledge of their craft to the next generation, while searching for new designs that challenge the limits of the materials they work with. Not only is the preservation of the culture and craftsmanship rooted in Takaoka one of Nousaku's aims but also their innovation.

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  1. Kurobe Dam no Guinomi

    Kurobe Dam no Guinomi

    A guinomi with an image of Kurobe Dam surrounded by mountain ranges! With its proud title of Japan’s tallest, this guinomi can even recreate the moments when it releases water. 了解更多
    US$ 67
  2. Hotaru-ika no Sakazuki - Kobachi

    Hotaru-ika no Sakazuki - Kobachi

    A small bowl created with the Firefly squid in mind. Known also as the Toyama squid, it is most commonly found in the bay lighting up when night falls. As that is the squid’s most attractive point, it’s only natural that this bowl should recreate that point as well! Suitable for serving all kinds of dishes or even as a sake cup, watch as it glows in the dark! #This bowl is created using technology from Tateyama Kagaku Industry Co.Ltd, a famous solar panel manufacturer in Japan. The bowl has to be left out in a bright place beforehand for it to glow in the dark. 了解更多
    US$ 84
  3. Shiroebi no Sakazuki – Kobachi

    Shiroebi no Sakazuki – Kobachi

    A small bowl that has images of glass shrimps; Toyama Prefecture’s local treasure on its underside. Made of 100% tin, its high ion content is said to be able to purify water and even alcohol! Perfect for drinking sake or even serving sashimi in it. 了解更多
    US$ 67
  4. Owara no Fuurin

    Owara no Fuurin

    A wind chime that showcases Toyama’s very own Bon-Odori dance festival! Shaped like the hat that the dancers wear, its pink slip would also remind one of kimonos that move along to the music. Hear it as it rings and you might just find yourself in the festival too! 了解更多
    US$ 67
  5. Toyama no KAGO

    Toyama no KAGO

    A basket made to resemble Toyama prefecture’s shape that can be molded and bent as much as one wants due to its superior malleability. Pull it upwards, and you’ll have your very own Toyama surrounded by a mountain range! From a fruit basket to a wine bottle holder, everything becomes possible with this! 了解更多
    US$ 84