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Chikuhodo Z Series 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set S-Z-10



This luxurious set includes 10 of Chikuhodo's highest grade Z Series makeup brushes, including powder, cheek, eye, and lip brushes. It comes in a stylish box and case that will keep your brushes beautiful and clean, no matter where you take them.

Chikuhodo's Z Series brushes radiate the skills and passion for quality exercised by master brushmaker, Tesshyu Takemori. A native of the Kumano brush-making region of Hiroshima, Tesshyu's brushes represent his tireless pursuit of the most effortless makeup application experience yet.

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"This set consists of:
(Material, Bristle shape, Brush/Bristle length)

- Z-1 Powder Brush
(Grey squirrel, Round, 160mm/45mm)

- Z-2 Highlight Brush
(Grey squirrel, Candle, 150mm/37mm)

- Z-3 Contour Brush
(Grey squirrel, Flat, 130mm/15mm)

- Z-4 Cheek/Highlight Brush
(Grey squirrel, Round Flat, 150mm/36mm)

- Z-5 Eyeshadow Brush
(Grey squirrel, Round Flat, 135mm/19mm)

- Z-6 Eyebrow Brush
(Tanuki, Slanted, 123mm/7mm (5mm) )

- Z-7 Lip Brush (Extendable)
(Weasel, Flat, 144mm/11mm)

- Z-8 Cheek Brush
(Grey squirrel, Round Flat, 160mm/40mm)

- Z-10 Eyeshadow Brush
(Grey squirrel, Candle, 125mm/11mm)

- Z-11 Blending Brush
(Grey squirrel, Round, 135mm/20mm)

- C-9 Brush Leather storage case
Extended: 275mm x 195mm
Folded: 90mm x 195mm

- Comes with matching black cardboard storage box"


Chikuhodo's Z Series brushes are handmade with the extreme skill and precision of master brushmaker, Tesshyu Takemori, a native of the Kumano brush-making region of Hiroshima Prefecture. The Z Series brushes are the product of dedication and passion for creating the highest quality brushes for effortlessly flawless makeup application. Create the perfect makeup look every time with the softest, fluffiest, and highest grade of Kumano brushes.

Chikuhodo Z Series is a Perfect set for those with sensitive skin

Chikuhodo Z Series 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set S-Z-10

This is the most gorgeous, ultimate all-inclusive set of the Chikuhodo makeup brushes.

Avoid putting on too much makeup and care for your skin

When you put on the full, dramatic and heavy makeup, not only it could make you look older, but it would hide your natural beauty.

Chikuhodo Brushes Pick up the product really well

You might be wondering why the natural Chikuhodo makeup brushes pick up the product really well. This has to do with how natural Japanese makeup brushes are made with majority animal hair, and therefore have more pores than synthetic brushes. Especially for powder makeup, the fine porous hairs easily pick up your makeup so that over time, you end up using less makeup! It is important to preserve your makeup tools and the health of your skin.

With that being said powder is best suited for natural makeup brushes. Powdered makeup is less heavy on your skin which is perfect for those with sensitive skin or for people who want to be gentle with their delicate face. Chikuhodo Z Series 10 Brush Set consists of the famous Chikuhodo Powder brush but also blending, highlight, and contour brushes which deal with powder. In addition, the eyeshadow brush which picks up powder for your eye region will be the best tool for applying pigment onto your lid without taking too much makeup.

Less makeup, Better result

No one wants their makeup to be cakey, or over applied. By purchasing Chikuhodo Z Series 10 Brush makeup set, you can perfect the delicate makeup application, with less makeup, and fine tools for difficult areas of your face.

The Best-selling series Japanese Makeup brush from Chikuhodo

2017 Bestsellers: Japanese High-quality Makeup Brushes thumbnail image

Japanese makeup brushes are loved by professional Makeup Artist

There are at least three criteria which make professional makeup artist like natural makeup brushes, particularly high-quality Japanese makeup brushes like Chikuhodo’s. First, Chikuhodo provides many of their powder brushes as natural, “off-white” color. Off-white means that it is in its original cream color, or not entirely white. This helps to avoid the impression of a dirty stain on your brush. No one wants their makeup artist to use a brush that looks dirty, so the off-white color of Chikuhodo is perfect.

Second, each brush has a very specific use and is handcrafted by master artisans to fit the specific use to the specific part of your face. The curve of the Chikuhodo powder brushes, for example, was not an accident but by design to angle with the natural curvature of the face.

The third is that Chikuhodo uses natural hair and takes great care in preparing them and caring for the hair. so that your brush will not shed excessively, and making the brush your good companion for years... Makeup artists do not play around with poor quality brushes, and those are the reasons they greatly appreciate Japanese makeup brushes by Chikuhodo.

Chikuhodo Z-series: The most popular series from Chikuhodo

The highest grade brushes from Chikuhodo: Z-series

Z-series is one of the most popular Japanese makeup brush series and for three very good reasons.

The first reason is one that every single makeup beauty blog writer mentions the virtue of the Chikuhodo brushes: the softness of the bristle. Something about makeup enthusiasts creates a mania for the softness of the brush. Maybe because it not only creates a flawless makeup application, but it also feels like you are applying makeup with a wad of feathers.

The second reason is that the investment is worth it. The price of Chikuhodo makeup brushes is warranted if you look at the purchase as an investment: An investment in the health of your face, investment in the conservation of your expensive makeup, an investment in the support of local craftsmen with the skill and craftsmen’s tradition they strive to maintain.

Finally, I think the third reason why these brushes are so popular is that they are beautiful to use and to look at. The design is elegant and very “Japonesque” which caters to the tastes of Chikuhodo customers who are usually mature, educated or hard-working women. Part of becoming an adult or becoming an informed makeup consumer is to take pride in the tools you use, and Chikuhodo makeup brushes might become one of the most beautiful tools you can own in your everyday makeup set.

Chikuhodo Z series:
An All-inclusive Japanese makeup brush set

Tapered, flat, round, angled... all the brush shape you need to finish your perfect look

Chikuhodo Z-1 Powder Brush

Pick up just the right amount of powder for a flawless makeup application with the dense, round-shaped bristles of this brush. Whether using it for setting your foundation, applying blush to your cheeks, or highlighting, that perfect look is yours every time. It is a work of true craftsmanship.

Chikuhodo Z-2 Highlight Brush

Give your skin a natural, radiant glow with this highlight brush. High quality squirrel hair is used for the bristles, meaning they shape naturally into a fine tip for precision application.

Chikuhodo Z-3

This brush embraces the curves of your face to create a natural and perfectly contoured look. The rounded, flat shape of the bristles, made of soft Saikoho goat hair, make this brush an article of outstanding design.

Chikuhodo Z-4

Voluminous, dense bristles make this brush perfect for achieving an even and natural-looking glow. The high-quality hair used means that the bristles are also light and soft, allowing you to buff and blend any powder makeup with ease and efficiency.

Chikuhodo Z-5

This eyeshadow brush has large, soft bristles - perfect for easy and smooth application of base-layer eyeshadow across the entire eyelid, and for blending eyeshadows.

Chikuhodo Z-6

Tame unruly brow hairs and create smooth, beautiful brow line with this brush! With its pointy and round shape of bristle, this brush is perfect for precisely drawing detailed and natural eyebrow lines effortlessly.

Chikuhodo Z-7

This lip brush's bristle is more flexible than normal brushes from Chikuhodo, making it a perfect choice for precise applications of lipstick or gloss.

Chikuhodo Z-8

As one of the largest brushes in the Chikuhodo line, this unique cheek brush enables you to effortlessly apply color across your cheeks for a flattering, delicate glow.

Chikuhodo Z-10

*Chikuhodo Best seller* This eyeshadow brush is dedicated to easy, smooth application of eyeshadow. The volume of the bristle makes it ideal brush for even application and natural gradation.

Chikuhodo Z-11

The newest addition to the best-selling Chikuhodo makeup brush lineup; Z series. This blending brush is for eyeshadow. With one gentle sweep, it will perfectly blend colors on your eyelid, creating flawless gradation.

Chikuhodo C-9 Black storage bag

Use this stylish brush case to safely store your Chikuhodo brush collection in your bag to carry around! It can contain up to 8 brushes.

Storage box

This set comes with black, professional lookign paper storage box.

Grey squirrel makeup brushes: Soft and heavenly touch for your everyday makeup.

Grey Squirrel Makeup Brushes: Highest grade quality hair

Chikuhodo uses grey squirrel makeup brushes for its makeup brushes. Out of all the squirrel brushes, grey squirrel hair is one of the most expensive, rare and the softest material.

(Generally speaking, compared to the usual material, which spots in particular )

Grey Squirrel Makeup Brushes: Makeup Artist’s favorite

Grey Squirrel is known to be one of the most popular choices for Makeup artist’s brushes for few reasons:

  1. Its soft, heavenly touch give comfort and relaxation to the skin.
  2. Carefully designed for each brush’s purpose, grey squirrel brush helps you to precisely apply makeup effortlessly.
  3. When taken good care, the brush does not shed and last for a very long time.

Each brush goes through approx. 73 steps till completion

It takes the combination of about 20+ artisans to complete one brush. From material to the finished product, each brush goes through up to 73 production steps! Washing the hair, Removing excess oil and bad hair, combing it and sorting it to a different size, resilience, and color, combining and balancing the brush shape. It would take over 20 years to master each production steps.

Chikuhodo hires and trains many local artisans for crafting their brushes in Kumano, Hiroshima.

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Kumanofude: Premium Japanese Makeup Brushes

From pro beauty artists to the casual makeup wearer, many people put special thought and care into the quality and appearance of their makeup. However, a surprising number of people overlook the most important part of their makeup kit—brushes.  High-quality makeup brushes make a significant difference not only for smooth and even control when applying makeup, but also for preserving makeup and preventing acne and other skin problems. For example, applying liquid foundation with a sponge can lead to blackheads from pore-clogging bacteria, while applying it with one’s fingers can create an unpleasantly shiny finish from the oil glands in fingertips.

premium makeup brush made in kumano, Japan

With a long history and expertise in crafting traditional handmade calligraphy tools, Kumano brushes are the perfect brush for solving any makeup trouble, and ensuring the best application possible.


Kumano Brushes Represent
A Dedication to Quality through the Ages

Japan is home to its own high-quality artisanal brushes known as Kumanofude (Kumano brushes), traditional handmade calligraphy brushes from the Kumano region in Hiroshima prefecture. Historically, these penmanship tools were sold by local farmers who had traveled away looking for work after the rice harvest ended, and brought back with them calligraphy brushes and ink from larger towns to sell at home in Kumano. During the Edo period, the brushes became so popular that they began to be produced locally, and the Kumano region’s brush making industry was born.

Today, Kumano is home to a number of artisan manufacturers who craft around 80% of all domestically made brushes. The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has officially recognized Kumanofude brush making as a traditional craft of Japan.

Quality of Craftsmanship

The quality of craftsmanship by Japanese Kumanofude manufacturers is extremely high, and can require up to 10 years of training. Over those years of training, Kumanofude artisans to gain the knowledge required to be able to handle animal hairs for the bristles proficiently, as well as judge quality. Kumano makeup brushes require around 30 steps to create, and most of these steps are still done by hand. Great attention is paid especially to the most essential part of the brush, the tip, and these are always handmade using traditional Kumano artisan techniques. Given the great care and precision used to make Kumanofude, the brushes are known to be more durable than other makeup brushes.

Quality of Materials

The Bristles

The bristles are the most important feature of a brush that set apart a good makeup brush from a poor one, as well as a handmade brush from a synthetic one. Like Kumano calligraphy brushes, makeup brushes produced in Kumano use natural animal hair such as goat, squirrel, and horse. The natural animal fibers used in Kumanofude brushes tend to hold powder and color pigment better for a more even application and natural look, blending out beautifully. They are also extremely soft to the touch.

Inferior hairs are sorted out by hand using a special combing tool to prevent any rough hairs or stray, crooked bristles. Because the bristles of Kumano brushes are always handmade, the tip of the brush has a very slight natural unevenness to it, which allows the brush to make lighter contact with the face, ensuring a more even makeup application. The end of every bristle gently tapers into its own fine point, unlike synthetic brushes where the end of the bristles are machine-cut, which can irritate the skin due to the prickly exposed cross-section of the bristles.

Wh ile synthetic fibers have some benefits in application, such as being useful for liquid and cream cosmetics, they are less effective at catching powder and can result in wasted makeup or poor blending.

The Handle

Kumano brush handles are typically made with Japanese wood or brass. The size and the thickness of a handle determine the brush’s use. Long, thin handles provide precise control for detail work such as applying eyeshadow and eyeliner, whereas fat, shorter handles provide excellent coverage and blending for powder and blush brushes.

The Ferrule

The ferrule is the part of the brush that keeps the bristles at the tip attached to the handle. Usually made of metals such as brass, copper, or aluminum, the ferrule is stamped into a shape that controls how the bristles splay or fan out from the brush. High-quality brushes are made with a seamless metal tube, as a seamed ferrule may come apart over time causing the bristles to fall off of the brush handle. Glue is applied at the bottom of the ferrule, so when washing brushes be sure not to wet the ferrule, and brushes should never be left in water.

The Preferred Brushes of the
World’s Leading Makeup Artists and Brands

Kumano brushes are popular with a wide range of people and esteemed makeup brands in and outside of Japan. After receiving the National Honor Award back in 2011 from the Japanese government for winning the FIFA World Cup, the Nadeshiko Japan women’s soccer team were presented with a limited soccer-ball-shaped makeup brush. In Hollywood, Japanese makeup artists like Tamami Mihara use Kumano brushes to create looks highly prized by celebrities and actors including Jennifer Lopez and Oscar winner Al Pacino. Kumanofude are used by internationally renowned makeup companies like Chanel and M.A.C, who seek only the highest-quality brushes to support their premium brand status.

Choose Kumano Fude for a
High-Quality Makeup Brush Set

Anyone looking purchase their first set of makeup brushes or to upgrade their existing makeup kit should consider high-quality Kumanofude artisan makeup brushes. The ability to improve makeup application and skin health, as well as maximize the longevity of makeup, makes Kumano brushes an excellent choice for anyone seeking high-quality artisan makeup brushes.

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