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Concierge Shopping by AJJ Inc 

*Updated October 2018

It is a proxy shopping service, where we would buy and deliver you Japanese items that are hard to acquire from overseas.

Service flow

  1. Please contact us with the product you’d like to get from Japan. There is some sample of what you can get from our proxy service.
    – Pre-order items
    – Regional-exclusive items
    – Items only available in physical stores
    It can be submitted in any form, but please provide at least one link to the website if possible.
  2. We will get back to you with full quote and Invoice, including shipping.
  3. Pay through Paypal or Bank Transfer.
  4. Once the items arrive at our Shipping station, we will let you know, and inform you of the shipment tracking code.
  5. Shipment will arrive at your door. It would take about 1-2 weeks for the package to get delivered to your address.


Payment and Fees

Item Price As disclosed / Domestic market price
Procurement Fee As disclosed
Service Fee $10 per item
International Shipping Estimated by AJJ Inc.

Payment Method

  • Paypal (credit card)
  • Bank Transfer

We accept payment in USD, EUR, and JPY.

Shipping Method

We have a professional team of oversea shipping. The team leader, Tak Fujiyama has over 20 years of experience on shipping items to oversea. The team will carefully measure the item and chose the fastest and the most affordable method Including but not limited to; E-Packet Light, EMS, FedEx, and UPS.
Those methods all come with a tracking code so you can be assured of its location anytime while in the transfer. Tracking code will be delivered to you via email upon shipping.
We will let you know about the shipping method and its duration before the actual shipment.

Taxes and Customs Charges

Your package is subject to customs tax once it arrives in your country. In such case, it will be your responsibility to complete the payment in order to receive your order.

Cancellation, Replacement and Refund Policy

  • We do not accept cancellation or refund after the order is finalized.
  • All the items are carefully examined at our shipping center, and should we find any flaw or damages to the product we will deal with it. There will be no replacement or refund after our inspection.
  • In the case of a pre-order or a backorder item not obtained due to various reason, you will get a full refund for the order.
  • If the parcel is returned due to rejection or failure to pay related taxes, a refund will not be applicable.

Shipping/Request Restrictions

They are unable to be listed /shipped because they applied either of the followings restrictions unless there is special permission from the government.

Items Prohibited To Be Shipped Internationally

  • Gunpowder [Fireworks, Crackers, and Ammunitions]
  • Flammable Liquids [Lighter Fuel, Oil Fuel, Manicure, Perfume, and Paint]
  • Compressed Gasses [Fire extinguishers, Aqualungs, Dust removers (spray type), Portable condensed oxygen, Helium gas, Gas stove burners for camping, Gas for portable stoves, Gas for lighters]
  • Flammable Materials [Matches, Charcoal, and Lighters]
  • Oxidizers [Bleach, Peroxidative agents, Oxygen generators for personal use]
  • Poisonous substances [Chloroform and Insecticide transpirators (heat type)]
  • Corrosive Substances [Mercury and Battery]
  • Radioactive Substances [Plutonium, Radium, Uranium, and Cesium]
  • Narcotics and Psychotropic substances
  • Live Animals
  • Pornographic Materials[Pornographic or immoral materials, Book, DVD, CD, and so on]
  • Valuables [Coins, Banknotes, Paper money, Processed or unprocessed platinum, Gold/silver, Gem, Precious stones, and other valuables]
  • Important Cultural Properties and Art Treasures [Important cultural properties, Historic sites, Places of scenic beauty and natural monuments, Important Tangible Folk-cultural Property Endangered Species Genetically Modified Crops Ivory, Tortoiseshell, Alligator leather, Tiger skin]
  • Items contain Lithium battery (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, computer, game console, MP3 player…etc.)



Can I use my credit card?

Yes, you can through Paypal website. They are internationally acknowledged way of online payment. Sign up is easy through here:

What kind of fee do I pay for this service?

Other than the item price itself, there are 4 kinds; 10% service fee, procurement fee, shipment, and customs duty.

I wasn’t at home to receive the package. What do I do?

Please contact your local shipping service with tracking code we provide to arrange the shipping.

Which currency can I pay?

We accept payment in USD, EUR, and JPY.