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Japanese Makeup Brushes

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Flawless makeup is achievable every time with Japan’s Kumano makeup brushes. Smooth bases, highlights that pop, smouldering eyeshadows, striking contours - and applications that last.

Nestled in a mountainous area in Japan, the Kumano region produces the most revered makeup brushes in the world. The region is home to over 1000 artisans who use techniques refined over centuries . Kumano brush makers understand the intricacies of their products - how to make ergonomic handles, leaving bristles uncut for a natural application, tightly applied ferrules for perfectly formed unit. And that in addition to practicality, a brush’s appearance should inspire pride in its owner.

At A Janaika, we know brushes can be a big investment, and are important to everyday use, which is why we’ve selected a range of exquisite, professional-quality makeup brushes from two of the world’s most respected producers - Chikuhodo and Koyudo.
Discover the difference quality, professional makeup brushes can make.

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