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Within Chikuhodo’s sought-after range of makeup brushes, the GSN series is ideal for those who seek more detailed makeup application, value brushes that are easy to use, or simply want an elegant set of makeup brushes. The long, slim, pearl-white handles of Chikuhodo’s GSN series, topped with a gold ferrule, make them a stunning feature in any makeup collection.
They also ensure the brushes are easier to grip and maneuver. The GSN series features silky, high-quality natural fur bristles, including a unique blend of soft Sokoho goat hair and firmer squirrel hair. This combination creates the ultimate in softness, yet with more density and resilience, meaning you can blend edges better, buff loose and mineral powders easier, and effortlessly pick up and apply more pigment. The GSN series is an all-round collection of brushes suited for novices through pros, and each brush is a true work of art.

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