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CHIKUHODO Eye Makeup Brushes

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Eyes are the windows into the soul, one of the first things people notice, and also happen to be the most sensitive areas of skin on the face—so why settle for anything less than the best quality eye makeup brushes? Chikuhodo eye makeup brushes will give you that natural-to-glam look every time with its premium grade bristles—soft enough to hug the creases of your eye for precise shading. They’re also densely packed enough to lock onto eye shadow pigment and apply it flawlessly to the lid of your eye in a few easy sweeps, so you can focus on making stunning and flawless looks each time.

The Chikuhodo Z Series brushes are made from the highest grade materials in the Chikuhodo lineup, making them some of the best eyeshadow brushes available. Each brush is hand-made with carefully selected materials. The T-7 and T-8 brushes especially are highly versatile, making them two of the best and most practical items. They can be used with any form of eye shadow, whether it be loose or pressed powder, or even cream and liquid products. Mr. Tesshu makes them himself, using the softest 100% high-grade gray squirrel hair.

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