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Fireproof Safe for Japanese Sword: Houzou "宝蔵"



Long shaped vault perfect for keeping your sword or long object safe.

Passed JIS 1-hour fireproof test

Materials: Steel, foam concrete, foxglove wood, keyaki wood

*This vault has not passed Japanese anti-theft regulations.

Custom Made

Product code: 000KH0107


Houzou "宝蔵" is not just a safe. It is a state-of-the-art masterpiece made by craftsmen of the Japanese safe producing company with over 60 years of history.

With its special inner Kemuri-Gaeshi "煙返し" that works as an excellent anti-theft measure, dial lock with more than one million possible combination and its original secondary lock that's hidden in inner layer of the safe, this Houzou "宝蔵" is a best presentation of Japanese technology.

The Kiri "桐" foxglove wood is used to fully furnish this safe. It excel in keeping humidity level even to keep your sword and treasure safely guarded.

Furthermore, its beautiful wood furnishing conceals the safe from unwanted attention.


The spirit of craftsmanship of Kurihara Safe "栗原金庫" co., can be found in the smallest detail of their product. For example, their safe has this inner locking mechanism called Kemuri-Gaeshi "煙返し". As its Japanese direct translation "smoke retuner" suggest, it prevent smoke and fire from entering inside of the vault. But it has other beneficial side effect; It act as an efficient anti-theft measure when it gets damaged from brute force attack.
Unfortunately, it is hard to find a safe with proper Kemuri-gaeshi "煙返し" feature because it would take additional cost, and it is hard to build its complicated structure on automated factory line. Craftsman at the Kurihara Safe "栗原金庫" was so dedicated to making the best safe, and did not abandon the feature even though it meant more cost and time.

The safe is not made only by Kurihara Safe "栗原金庫" co., as the outer wood furnishing is made by other workshop in Shizuoka "静岡" prefecture, where the cabinet producing is hitorically practiced since the Edo period.

Please enjoy this safe not only as a vault itself but more as a piece of art.

Get a hold of Samurai's soul forged in Japan

Out of all the weapon invented by a human, a very few evolved to be more than just a weapon - a symbol of the way of warrior life, honor and code he/she lives up to. Japanese sword, Katana is inseparable from Samurai's life, from birth to till death; For every important moment in Samurai life, there is always a sword beside them.

The exceptional quality of work by swordsmiths and sword makers made Japanese sword an art to be admired and prized. Incomparable sharpness and durability of the blade come from combining up to 4 different kinds of steel into one in forging process. Soft, flexible iron protects the hard yet brittle steel with razor sharp edge from breaking. This forging process of combining different steels creates a beautiful pattern on the blade; a Hamon.

Samurai warrior and war lords sought for better quality for their battle; sharper, durable swords were demanded. In result, renowned swordsmiths of the golden age of Samurai, through Sengoku period to Edo period, were valued and regarded very highly as likes of European artists; Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael or Michelangelo.

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