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Hand Engraved Japanese Karakusa Silver Ring - 7mm



Forged from molten silver one by one, this ring is hammered numerously into the shape of a ring by hand. Each ring is polished and engraved into the final product. The hammering process takes hours, and it strengthens the metal and adds heavy, metal structure that can not be found in casted ring.
All the rings are carefully hand-made by professional artist at Atelier JIRI.

Estimated delivery: For 10-14 days

Product code: 000JR0003


Elegant ring made of silver, engraved with spiral Karakusa pattern.
Material: Silver 925-950
Width: 7mm

This is a hand-made product and will be forged after receiving an order from a customer.
*It takes about 2 weeks or longer, depending on Atelier JIRI's schedule.
*Pattern and design vary a little based on the size of the ring, due to its handmade nature.
*Only ONE ring will come, this is not a set ring.

After placing the order and Please let us know about following two information:
- Ring size: 3-30
- With Darkening / No Darkening


Japan has a long history of the art of engraving. The oldest pieces can be found from Kofun period, almost 2500 years ago. Japanese engraving art can be found on Buddhism or Shinto artifact, decoration on sword hilt or ceremonial items.
Aside from its long history, the most distinctive aspect of Japanese engraving is its pattern. It is heavily influenced by calligraphy lines and touch.
Atelier JIRI keep the traditional art of the Japanese engraving and apply it to modern accessory.

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Insurance: A-Janaika covers 100% of purchase if the price of the item exceeds JPY 500,000. If the item is damaged or lost in the delivery* the customer receives either a 100% refund or a replacement item.*Subject to insurance company assessment. A damage or broken parts can be covered in above-mentioned insurance within 7 days from its arrival.
Cancellations: While we have a no-cancellation policy, we make sure to clearly communicate with all our customers to determine the correct item is requested before transactions are made.
Customs & Duty: As customs and duty vary from each country, this cost is incurred by the customer.