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User’s Guide

Mail Notification Settings

For customers that did not receive our emails: Communication via email will be necessary when using our Internet shopping services. However, there may be occasions where our emails end up broken or automatically sent to the junk folder without notice. To avoid this from happening, please ensure that your email settings are set so that any emails from can be received without problems.

NOTE: Transactions will become invalid in the event our emails do not reach you. We therefore kindly ask you to be extra careful with this.

# Please also note that the order will automatically be cancelled if the email does not reach your main mail address, but your sub mail instead.

Regarding business hours:

Business Hours

  • E-mail Corresponding, Payment Confirmation, Shipping Enquiries:
    Monday – Friday 10:00 -17:00 (JST; Excluding weekends, public holidays and year-end holidays)
  • Phone Ordering
    Unfortunately, we do not take phone orders. Should there be any questions regarding our products, please feel free to email us instead.
    Our company is closed during the year-end holidays and occasionally, special holidays.

Any emails sent to us on a business day will be replied to on the same day or latest; by the next. Any emails received during a holiday however, will be processed on the next working day and would therefore be replied to the following day after. We humbly request your cooperation regarding this matter.

# All enquiries should be sent to the following email addresses:

NOTE: However, website orders are accepted 365 days, regardless of the holidays.


There will be instances where the items will look slightly different in appearance compared to our display available on the website due to its special characteristics of being hand-made or the computer display used. However, we assure you that the quality will be the same despite the slight difference. We request your understanding regarding this matter.

Regarding order-made items (such as katanas, Japanese folding screens, Edo wazao etc) as well as high-priced items:

When placing an order, half of the payment is required upon confirmation and the remaining half upon shipping. An email will be sent to you before shipping and we request that the remaining half of the payment be transferred as soon as possible (within 5 working days).

Please also note that the transaction fees will be paid for by the customer.

We will provide updates for order-made items, including our discussions with the artisans as well as pictures of its progress (if possible) to customer via email.


Regarding the delay of delivery/sales:

As each of our order-made items are handcrafted with much care, a delay of delivery may occasionally happen.


Stock Display

There will be instances where our products are sold-out, or production is stopped before the website stock display is updated. If so, all orders placed after will automatically be cancelled. We apologize beforehand for the inconvenience caused.



Due to the nature of our merchandises, cancelling cannot be done once an order is made. We request your cooperation regarding this matter.

However, if you would still like to proceed with the cancelling, please contact us as soon as possible. (NOTE: This does not apply for order-made and high-priced items which have already been half-paid for.)

Please also understand that actions taken towards customers that have cancelled without a valid reason will vary according to the price and type of merchandise originally ordered. (Blacklisting would also become possible in some cases.)



Payment method

We accept Paypal payments without transaction fee charges. However, for order-made items, we request that half of the payment be done upon order and the remaining be made via bank transfer when the order is ready for shipping.

We ask that any questions regarding Paypal payments be directed to Paypal instead.

- Bank transfer (For order-made items and when placing an order) Transaction fees for each transfer shall be paid for by the customer.

# Transaction fees will differ according to issuing banks.

Bank account details for transfer will be notified upon ordering.

- Period of Payment - Within 7 days after the order is placed.

# Once the payment has been accepted, a confirmation email will be sent a business day later.

In the event the confirmation email fails to reach you, please email us once more with the transfer details (Date of transfer, amount, name of payee, bank name and name of bank account you have transferred to) or a copy of the transfer invoice to the email address as stated above.

- Paypal Payment
We generally accept Paypal payment via the credit cards registered with Paypal but as mentioned above, please contact Paypal directly for any questions regarding the cards.

For security reasons, all credit card information received will not be saved. In addition, transaction fees will not be charged.

However, there is also a possibility that Paypal payment will not be available for certain merchandises that have age-limits on them. Again, please contact Paypal directly regarding these matters.

Regarding requests for change in way of payment:

There will be occasions where we would request that high-priced items be paid via bank transfer instead. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and ask for your cooperation.



Shipping Method:

We mainly use FedEx and EMS as our main courier. Tracking number(s) for each shipment will be send to you via email upon the dispatch of the package. Delivery time varies based on your location.

Collective Shipping:

Customers with multiple orders are entitled to collective shipping if the following conditions are fulfilled:

- Multiple purchases made in one single order. (This does not apply for orders that are added after we have sent you the confirmation email.)

# However, there will be cases where collective shipping becomes unavailable even if the condition above is fulfilled. (For instance: if the item is too bulky to be sent with other goods or if the merchandise is shaped differently from the rest)

Shipping fees:

Please refer to the table available on the order page for the shipping rates (based on weight, size and destination). Shipping company

Most of our shipping will be done via FEDEX Economy Shipping or Japan Post EMS.

Delivery for bulky packages will be done upon discussion with the customer in the event that the above 2 companies become unavailable for use.

- For those making payment via Paypal, shipping will be done immediately once item has been stocked.

However, credit processing will be carried out before shipment is done. If the customer’s card is found to be expired or that the available balance is found to be insufficient, shipping will be temporarily stopped until confirmation is made. In the case that valid payment is not received even after we have contacted the customer, we will be forced to stop shipment completely.

- For those making payment via bank transfer, once the order-made item is in-stock, a ‘Billing Information Email’ will be sent to the customer.

Shipping will be completed once the payment has been confirmed. Delivery Upon Shipping

Shipping, delivery email containing the tracking number of the item will be sent. Please feel free to check its progress from the FEDEX or Japan Post website.

(Delivery may vary due to weather conditions.)

We mostly deliver with the abovementioned companies. We hope that you would place your order with full understanding.

Defective or damaged goods, wrong delivery support:

In the event you have received a defective or damaged item, or an item different from the one ordered :

-Support and returns will differ depending on the condition of the product and the situation. We humbly request that you send us an email before returning the item to us. Please also note the following:

We apologize for the inconvenience caused but regarding defective or wrong deliveries, please send us an email (within 7 days after the item has been received) and inform us about it. Support might be difficult in the case that the email reaches us after a week. We ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

Different Item than Ordered:

In the event an item different than as ordered is received, please send us an e-mail containing:

  • a) the name of the item that you have originally ordered and
  • b) the name of the item that you have received to the mail

    to the email address above.

    Goods damaged during delivery:

    While we may not be able to provide support for light damages such as minute scratches, dents or slight discoloration; we offer full support for the more obvious damages (heavy staining, large dents etc). A replacement will be sent in exchange for the damaged item but in case we fail to provide a replacement, a full refund is possible.

    Therefore, if there are large damages on the box used for transportation or signs that the item has been damaged during transportation, please let us know as soon as possible.

    # Small dents or scratches on the packaging are mostly unavoidable and therefore not eligible for replacement. We ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

    Requests for Returns or Exchanges
    We generally do not offer returns or exchange of items due to customer convenience. We humbly ask for your cooperation regarding this matter.

    Items affected by law and regulations:

    There will be cases in which the items we offer go against the law and regulations of your country.

    We ask that the customer place their orders upon full verification on their part.


Gift Wrapping
Unfortunately, we do not offer gift wrapping.

Packaging Conditions:

Our items are mostly shipped in plain unlabelled cardboard boxes. However, there will be instances where we will use recycled boxes for large orders or bulky items. In the case of small-sized items, it will be delivered in an envelope with sufficient protective packaging.

Updated: July 2016