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Historical Sword replica series : "九字兼定 梵字拵" Kuji-kanesada Bonji-Goshirae



Sword: Hard Alloy
Sheath: Black stone finish "黒石目"

Hamon: Suguha Double hamon "直刃二重刃文"

Length (with sheath):1060mm
Blade length: 742mm
Hilt length: 258mm
Weight (full): 1030g
Weight (without sheath): 800g

*The weight of the sword may differ s

Estimated delivery: For 5-7 days

Product code: 000710360


This is a replica of the "Kuji-kanesada 九字兼定" , a sword forged by the legendary swordsmith Kanesada. Its sheath features the Bonji symbols of a guardian god it.

This sword can be used in Iai.


With a history of over 700 years in Japanese sword making, the city of Seki "関市" is also known as the "City of Swords".

Takumi-Toubo "匠刀房" is dedicated to forging swords that reflects the rich history of the city and the wisdom passed down through the ge

What is Iaito?

Iaito translate to “mock/imitation sword”. These swords differ from real Katana or Shinken, which has sharpened edge for combat and cutting purpose. They are used for Iaido, which is the art of drawing sword. Even experienced Iaido practitioner often prefer Iaito over Shinken, since they could cut themselves often if they were to use real sword for daily practice.
Iaito from AJJ Inc is made of the finest materials and the best craftsmanship of Seki, the city of swords. They are forged by swordsmith with over 10 years of experience. Our historical sword replica series pays tribute to great Japanese Samurai warriors and their favorite swords.

 IaitoAntiqueSwordsmith Commission
Usage Iaido Practice, Display, Cosplay Display, Collection, Tameshigiri, Iaido Display, Collection, Tameshigiri, Iaido
Price Range USD 200 - 900 USD 2,800 - 10,000 USD 10,000 - 100,000+
Material Alloy Tamahagene Tamahagane
Blade Sharpened? No Yes Yes
Time to prepare the Shipment 2-3 days depending on stock 1 month to get it de-licenced 6-9 months depending on Swordsmith's schedule.
Certificate of Authenticity No Yes Yes
Forged by Swordsmith, machine Swordsmiths Swordsmiths
Customization Yes Yes Yes
Will it likely get more value over time? No Yes Yes

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