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Kamakura-Bori Hand carved Serving Bowl Set



Made of strong yet light Japanese cherry birch wood. The bowl is carved out of wood one by one, Its beautiful vertical pattern of the bowl is out by master Kamakurabori artist and then coated with highest grade Urushi lacquer.
Urushi is strong coating against many things but it can deteriorate under the sun. Please avoid leaving it exposed to direct sunlight.
Can not be used in an automatic washing machine, refrigerator or microwave.
The color of the bowl gradually changes over time, and it will start to have a beautiful glow on the surface as it is used every day. If taken care well, one bowl can last decades.
Please use a soft sponge to wash the bowl after the use. Refrain from scratching the surface, as it would damage the protective Urushi layer and damage the bowl.

Material: Japanese cherry birch wood, Urushi lacquer
Color: "Bengara" rouge/black
(L) Diameter: 130mm
(S) Diameter: 120mm
(L) Height: 80mm
(S) Height: 60mm

Estimated delivery: For 10-14 days

Product code: 000HR0003


Kamakura-bori carving bowls are hand crafted to be a pair. The bigger bowl is commonly used to serve soup and the smaller bowl is for a rice.
The bigger bowl also serves well as a bowl of noodles such as Udon or Soba as well as a bowl for Donburi.
The two bowls can be stored one inside the other, fitting in perfect unison.
The curvature and carving of the bowl will naturally fit your palm.
The wood and the Urushi lacquer create a heat-resistant layer, so you do not have to be extra careful when holding this bowl that contains hot food.


Kamakurabori is a craft made by carving wood and coating with layers of the urushi lacquer. This technique is known as mokucho-saishitsu. The artists first draw the patterns for decoration on the wood, mainly katsura (Japanese Judas tree) and engrave the patterns to create vessels and furniture. The effect of urushi coating makes the work strong and enhances its expression.

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