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  1. Deba "出刃" Fillet Knife: Sakai Masafusa Series

    Deba "出刃" Fillet Knife: Sakai Masafusa Series

    A knife made by professionals located in the town of Sakai, famed for its knife forging with a distinctive sharpness to it. This knife is specially designed for filleting fish. As the knife itself is composed of steel and soft iron, it is especially susceptible to moisture and acidity. PRECAUTIONS: - Please wipe dry after use and store in a dry place. - Please refrain from placing in dishwasher or dish dryers as it will cause deterioration in the handle. - Please make sure to use the correct knife when dealing with hard ingredients (such as frozen food or bones) as it will cause chipping. - Please do not use for any other purpose other than cooking. - Please keep out of reach from children. Learn More
  2. Masamune Deba Fish Kitchen Knife 170mm

    Masamune Deba Fish Kitchen Knife 170mm

    Usage: Fish, Sashimi Blade Length; 170mm Material: Carbon Steel (Swedish steel) Style: Deba shape Learn More