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Kondo Isami Wakizashi: Historical Sword Replica Series



This is a basic, standard Japanese sword made for use in Iai.

It uses Z-Alloy, the special alloy developed by Takumi-toubo for their line of sword replica.

It is recommended to pick the length of sword according to one's height.

I.e: the optimal length of sword for a person of 150cm in height is 67cm (2寸2尺). However, this also depends on your style or school, so please remember to consult your Sensei or email us through the contact form on the bottom of the page!

Estimated delivery: For 5-7 days

Product code: 000TK0068


Length (with sheath): 700mm
Blade length: 450mm
Hilt length: 175mm
Weight (full): 760g
Weight (without sheath): 570g

*The weight of the sword may differ slightly due to the nature of handmade items.

*This sword's blade is not sharpen to be used as a weapon. It is for display and Iai practice only. If you're looking for sharpened Japanese sword, please check out other cateogory page under "Japanese Sword".


With a history of over 700 years in Japanese sword making, the city of Seki "関市" is also known as the "City of Swords".

Takumi-Toubo "匠刀房" is dedicated to forging swords that reflects the rich history of the city and the wisdom passed down through the generations.

Takumi-Toubo, or the "Workshop of swordsmith master" focuses mainly on the production of Iai swords and replicas of historical swords.

Get a hold of Samurai's soul forged in Japan

Out of all the weapon invented by a human, a very few evolved to be more than just a weapon - a symbol of the way of warrior life, honor and code he/she lives up to. Japanese sword, Katana is inseparable from Samurai's life, from birth to till death; For every important moment in Samurai life, there is always a sword beside them.

The exceptional quality of work by swordsmiths and sword makers made Japanese sword an art to be admired and prized. Incomparable sharpness and durability of the blade come from combining up to 4 different kinds of steel into one in forging process. Soft, flexible iron protects the hard yet brittle steel with razor sharp edge from breaking. This forging process of combining different steels creates a beautiful pattern on the blade; a Hamon.

Samurai warrior and war lords sought for better quality for their battle; sharper, durable swords were demanded. In result, renowned swordsmiths of the golden age of Samurai, through Sengoku period to Edo period, were valued and regarded very highly as likes of European artists; Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael or Michelangelo.

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What is Iaito?

Iaito translate to “mock/imitation sword”. These swords differ from real Katana or Shinken, which has sharpened edge for combat and cutting purpose. They are used for Iaido, which is the art of drawing sword. Even experienced Iaido practitioner often prefer Iaito over Shinken, since they could cut themselves often if they were to use real sword for daily practice.
Iaito from AJJ Inc is made of the finest materials and the best craftsmanship of Seki, the city of swords. They are forged by swordsmith with over 10 years of experience. Our historical sword replica series pays tribute to great Japanese Samurai warriors and their favorite swords.

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