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Koyudo 8 -Piece Black Brush Set with Roll & Tie Pouch Black



This special set contains
- Black Large Powder Brush: Ideal to use this for a quick dust of powder or for an overall flush of bronzer. The dense head picks up perfect amount of powder and evenly apply it to your skin as well. It creates a flawless application every time. For both pressed and loose powder products including setting powders, illuminators, bronzer or blushes.
- Black Medium Powder Brush: This medium size, natural-bristled brush is the perfect companion to all powder blushes or pressed powder compacts. Sweep brush over entire face and neck in circular motions to release powder.
- Black Blush Brush: This medium-sized blush brush head deposits powder blush smoothly along cheekbones to shape and define features. Perfect for contouring and highlighting to brighten up your face and give a more awake look.
- Large Eye Shadow Brush: This versatile brush for powder, cream and liquid eyeshadows, to blend out eyeliners, but also great for applying concealer and spot treat. There are so many bristles packed into this brush, so you'll get great coverage.
- Medium Eyeshadow Brush: Use this brush for the main, base color of your eyeshadow, which should start near your inner corner and stretch all the way to your crease.
- Small Eyeshadow Brush: Great for creating that outer v, blending and adding a lot of depth to your look. Also perfect for applying gel or cream eyeliners in smooth, continuous lines.
- Black Angle Brow Brush: This eyebrow brush with a precise angled tip that provides pro quality application of brow color. It features a short, slightly stiff angled head.
- Retractable Lip brush:Apply your lipstick, lip gloss or stain with perfect precision even when you are on the go. The bristles are packed densely, so it does not bend during application. The Kolinsky hair is enough soft, with just the correct amount of density that gives a perfectly soft stiffness for application.

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Product Infomation

Full / Hair length:
Large Powder Full 175mm Hair 50mm
Medium Powder Full 168mm Hair 46mm
Blush brush Full 167mm Hair 38mm
Eyeshadow brush L Full 142mm Hair 14mm
Eyeshadow brush M Full 142mm Hair 11mm
Eyeshadow brush S Full: 136mm Hair: 7mm
Eyebrow brush Full 135mm Hair 6mm
Lip Full 115-120mm Hair 10mm

Brush case H130 x W195 (W365 mm)
Paulownia box H230 x W150 x D50mm

A set of stylish & luxurious 8 brushes from Koyudo.
High class goat hairs (Sokoho) are used for powder, cheek brushes. Lightweight brush handles allow the brush to be held stably, with the user's hand never slipping or tiring.
Craftsmen make these brushes by applying unique techniques from tradition to make calligraphy brushes. Koyudo brushes have been getting support by users worldwide for a long time.

Black Large Powder Brush

An ideal brush to use for a quick dust of powder, or for an overall flush of highlight. This brush is recommended for use with both pressed and loose powder products including setting powders, illuminators, bronzers and blushes. The dense bristles pick up just the right amount of powder and apply it evenly to the skin, creating a flawless application.

Full length: 175mm / Bristle length: 50mm

Bristle material: Goat hair

Black Medium Powder Brush

This medium-sized brush is the perfect companion for powder blushes and pressed powder compacts. Sweep the brush over the entire face and neck in circular motions to release powder.
Full length: 168mm / Bristle length: 46mm
Bristle material: Goat hair

Black Blush Brush

This medium-sized blush brush deposits powder blush smoothly along cheekbones to shape and define features - perfect for contouring and highlighting to brighten your face for a glowing appearance.
Full length: 167mm / Bristle length: 38mm
Bristle material: Goat hair

Large Eyeshadow Brush

This versatile brush can be used for powder, cream and liquid eyeshadows, for blending out eyeliners, and for applying concealer to spot-treat. Densely packed bristles mean effortlessly great coverage.
Full length: 142mm / Bristle length: 14mm
Bristle material: Yellow Squirrel

Medium Eyeshadow Brush

Use this brush for the base color of your eyeshadow, starting near your inner corner and stretching all the way to your crease.
Full length: 142mm / Bristle length: 11mm
Bristle material: Yellow Squirrel

Small Eyeshadow Brush

This small eyeshadow brush is ideal for creating that outer C-shape, for blending, and for adding depth to a look. It can also be used to apply gel or cream eyeliners in smooth, continuous lines.
Full length: 136mm / Bristle length: 7mm
Bristle material: Yellow Squirrel

Black Angle Brow Brush

The head of this brush is short and slanted, with a precise angled tip that enables a well-defined application of brow color.
Full length: 135mm / Bristle length: 6mm
Bristle material: Yellow Squirrel

Retractable Lip brush

Apply your lipstick, lip gloss or stain with perfect precision every time. The Kolinsky hair used for the bristles is soft, with just enough density to provide the stiffness required for application.
Full length: 115-120mm / Bristle length: 10mm
Bristle material: Mustela sibirica

Brush case

This case can be folded in three, and up to 10 brushes can be stored safely. Comes in stylish black gloss finish.
Brush case H130 x W195 (W365 mm)

Comes in paulownia box.

H230 x W150 x D50mm

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Kuyudo Collection - Tradition & Innovation White and Brown Brush made by Kuyudo

Kumano makeup brushes, made in the Kumano region in Hiroshima, are globally renowned for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and are prized by industry professionals, home users, and prestigious makeup brands.

Founded in 1979, Koyudo is an award-winning producer of Kumano brushes.

The company is dedicated to crafting brushes that empower people to enhance their natural physical beauty, and instill a sense of confidence by doing so.
After starting out as a calligraphy brush manufacturer, in 2004 Koyudo expanded their brush-making skills to makeup brushes, and now have a loyal and growing user base around the world. Continually striving for excellence in their products, Koyudo draws on both tradition and innovation, honoring the techniques refined by previous generations while making the most of new production developments. Koyudo’s commitment to quality ensures only the finest premium materials are used in their brushes, and staff receive extensive training in both quality judgement as well as handling of the rare and delicate products.
Their aim is that each brush is a pleasure to use, and treasure to own.

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