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We will change Japanese Traditional Crafts world with A-Janaika Japan Project.

Japanese Traditional Crafts is supported by a true craftsmanship and their principal of dedicating all they have to create magnificent crafts that reflect and symbolize one’s soul.

We work with over 70 workshops and artisan from all over Japan. Through them, we learned their struggle and problems that traditional culture industry has.

The simple yet complex and deep idea that shapes the foundation of their crafts are difficult to understand for first-timer.
Off the touch with modern world and technology.
Language barrier that separates itself from overseas customers and market.
A-Janaika Japan Project is resolved to solve them all.


We work with artisan & Workshop as an equal partner.

AJJ Inc launched “A-Janaika Japan” (eɪdʒ’anάɪka dʒəpˈæn) Project, to connect Japanese Artisan and traditional culture to the world. To achieve that goal, AJJ Inc works directly with artisan and workshop.

Though our e-commerce store and direct deal, we bring more back to the artisan.

We work as close to the artisan as possible to exclude middleman. Which means that the same lacquerware bought at our store will bring more revenue to the original creator, compared to the one bought at the Japanese domestic shops. This will support the artisan to continue mastering their skill, buy new equipment and let them have more freedom and power in pursuing their profession.

We do not charge ANY monthly fee for the workshop.

We ask for nothing but cooperation for all the work we do for the workshop; Translation, promotion, creating an article, making promotional videos and listing their work online on our site.

This is because we believe in the business model where there is no fee but all three parties (customer, workshop, and AJJ Inc) will be happy when there is actual sales. Customer will be happy to receive one-and-only unique Japanese crafts, and artisans at their workshop will be happy to see their work of art being appreciated overseas, and A-Janaika Japan staff (us!) will be happy to be the connection between the customer and the workshop.


We present Japanese traditional crafts with the latest technology and social media.

We uncover artisan’s true beauty of their work with the website with the latest technology, detailed articles on how do they make such crafts, the video showing how they move, how they work, social media to keep in touch with the rest of the world.

We work very hard to be everything artisans need to succeed In this modern world. A new tool to explore another side of world for the artisans

A-Janaika Japan Website

We keep improving our site for the customer to offer better, smooth shopping experience by implementing latest technology.

Our website is powered by latest high-end technology with 5 languages (English, French, Chinese, traditional Chinese and Arabic) to support, automated price rate calculation system to keep the most precise up-to-date price, support various kind of credit card payment with Paypal and so on and on…

We use those latest technologies as a powerful tool to let people know more about Japanese artisan and to connect traditional part of Japan to a vast ocean of the internet.

A-Janaika Japan Official blog

We take time to understand how artisan creates those amazing craft, why do they pursue the perfection, and how they approach their profession. Our staff that works on translation and attend daily customer service goes there directly, and ask many questions about their wonderful artwork. Their principle and passionate core never fail to amaze us.

A-Janaika Japan Youtube channel

The true beauty of the Japanese traditional crafts cannot be fully expressed in writing and picture. This is why we started our own youtube channel, to let you see the intricate move of artisan’s hand, to see the fire and sparkles from the Katana forged by a hammer of the swordsmith, to see artisan working on tiniest details that you may never notice.

Those are the thing that can only be expressed through video, and Youtube channel was the best way to present it.

A-Janaika Japan Facebook, Instagram & other social media

We use the social network as the main tool to directly connect with the customer. It allows us to deliver those article or video contents to the worldwide community of people interested in Japanese craftsmanship and artisans.

We also get great feedback from customers, and we let the artisan of your feedback through social media. This is exciting as you can get a chance to interact with true Japanese artisan you can not find anywhere, and through communicating with the customer, the artisan will have great motivation to achieve more.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus


We believe that Japanese artisan and their craftsmanship can change the world.

There is craftsmanship in the core belief of all the successful international Japanese companies.

They pursue perfection.

Their product is always based on customer’s need.

They are proud of their work, skill and themselves.


We firmly believe that the current circumstance surrounding craftsmen are the result of lack of a tool that they can use to better express themselves in this rapidly changing world with new technology. We hope to be the best tool for aspiring artisans and master alike, to help them grow and connect more to the world.


Tak Fujiyama & Hiro Kano,

A-Janaika Japan team