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Samurai Armor for Bottle - Tokugawa Ieyasu 徳川家康



Sake Bottle cover: Historical Samurai armor edition

Width: 240mm
Depth: 180mm
Height: 320mm

Materials: Alminium, Antimony, Rayon

It is designed to fit standard isyo "一升瓶" Sake bottle (H395mm, D105mm, 1800ml)

Custom Made

Product code: 000620050


This miniaturized Samurai Armor is designed for Japanese Sake bottles. It comes into life with our geniuine traditional art.
Our master craftsmen precisely reproduces the war helmet together with the real Samurai commander armor, all in stunningly elaborate detail.
We have specially prepared a lineup of the most popular Samurai-commanders/lords, so collect them all for use as interior decoration gifts or any other purpose. It will become an ever-lasting treasure to you.


Tokugawa Ieyasu put a period to the Sengoku era lasting over 100 years since the ?nin war which happened in late 15th century, and built the foundation of Edo Shogunate. He had leagued with Oda Nobunaga, and made his position against and pay homage to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, then he made the system to control the whole country. However his life has been continuous of patience and humiliation. He had been passed around among other clans as a hostage since he was a child, and one day he met Nobunaga. Nobunaga
and Takechiyo (a childhood name of Ieyasu) exchanged the pledge of brothers. After Nobunaga killed Imagawa Yoshimoto who was the Daimyo in Suruga and Ieyasu was serving for, Ieyasu decided to be independent and committed himself to wars as an ally of Nobunaga. There are the songs that tells you Ieyasu’s character. “If a cuckoo doesn’t sing, I’ll wait until it sings.” “Oda pounded the rice cake, and Hashiba kneaded it, then Tokugawa eat it.” Ieyasu is known as the man with patience, but also known he was a hot-blooded when he was young.
ZIPANG made an armor of Tokugawa Ieyasu with such legend elaborately miniaturized. Giving more than a passing thought to heroic stories of men running through the Sengoku period, please enjoy your favorite sake.

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