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Samurai Armor & Accessories

The samurai era from 1185 AD to 1868 AD was a defining period in Japanese history. Today, samurai culture still echoes through Japanese society in museums and exhibitions, popular culture, and in the Bushido (‘way of the samurai’) code and its principles of loyalty, honor and respect. A-Janaika offers a wide range of authentic samurai armor, armor accessories and samurai collectibles, allowing you to welcome the samurai culture into your home or work. The replica samurai armor is full-scale, custom-made and produced by Japanese artisan armor manufacturers. It is popular for display or wear for movies, TV dramas, historical events and festivals, as well as museum and personal use. Japanese Samurai armor accessories serve as the perfect complement to an existing collection or as stand-alone items. Famous warrior figures, gunbai “war fans,” and samurai-inspired wearables like leather bags are just some of the Samurai items embodying the spirit of Bushido.

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