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Jinbaori (Samurai Vests)

Promote yourself to samurai status with an elegant jinbaori. Wear it over your samurai armor, or pair your jinbaori with regular clothes to show off your samurai spirit at a party!
A surcoat is traditionally a garment worn over medieval armor. Jinbaori - samurai surcoats - were worn over their katchu armor by high-ranking samurai to protect them against the elements during battle. Traditionally made from leftover materials including silk, felt, metallic thread, wood and lacquer and emblazoned with a samurai’s mon (family crest), jinbaori are gorgeous pieces of attire, brightly colored and elaborately embroidered.
The A-Janaika jinbaori are light, easy to wear and accessibly priced. The range of standard colors available - black, red, blue, brown - can be embellished in either silver or gold. Wear your jinbaori over your armor as in the days of yore, or as a unique and impressive addition to your everyday clothes.

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