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Samurai Goods

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Samurai Goods & Collectibles

Find unique samurai collectibles for your home or office or surprise someone special with A-Janaika's fantastic range of samurai goods - statues, figures, sake bottle covers, samurai armor bags and more.
The samurai armor bag is a leather satchel designed for everyday use. Made with traditional armor crafting techniques such as ‘hishi-tsuzuri’ and ‘sugake-odoshi’, it adds an ancient flourish to the ordinary.
Sake bottle covers – each replicating a famous samurai battle armor – also come highly recommended. Use them to embellish and ‘protect’ a sake bottle or as interior decoration. Each is handmade to scale from high-quality materials by Japanese artisans.
True enthusiasts will thrill at the samurai armor statues recalling the battlefields of the Edo-era - Oda Nobunaga on horseback, Sanada Yukimura's last stand at Osaka Castle, and Uesugi Kensin in the Battle Kawanakajima. Each distinguished samurai battle armor figure is crafted painstakingly under the supervision of a Master Armorer.

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