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Premium Edition Samurai armor

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Yoroi Samurai Armor

Whether you’re looking for yoroi samurai armor for display in your home or office or wearable armor for events or movies, A-Janaika has Japanese samurai armor for sale to fit every occasion and sensibility.

The replica samurai armor for purchase online at A-Janaika is recreated by Japanese samurai armor artisans using authentic designs, materials and techniques. This premium quality armor can be made to faithfully represent that of renowned samurai figures such as Kanetsugu Naoe or Nobunaga Oda, or patterned after the popular anime character Loto from Dragon Quest. Designs may be customized for size, materials, crest emblem and colors. To create your own yoroi samurai armor, try a DIY armor kit.
If you crave a true piece of Japanese history, A-Janaika has a selection of authentic samurai antiques. Acquired by A-Janaika and carefully restored, these collector’s items are treasures of the past brought to life in the present.

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