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Shibuya street Photoshoot with Samurai Armor

Samurai Armor Photo Studio


If you make a reservation through A-Janaika Japan, you will get special bonus Samurai-themed item from us!

Duration: approx. 2.0 hrs

Photo-Shooting Location;
In the studio - 2 patterns in designated shooting lots, and
outside in the streets between Dogenzaka and Shibuya Crossing

Course Contents;
Choose your Armor
Wearing Kosode and Hakama
Wearing Armor and Helmet
Installing Katana and Tachi
Explanation of the different Armor types and historical background
Photo-Shooting in the studio (approx. 5 poses/100 shots)
Photo-Shooting in streets of Shibuya (approx. 5 poses/50 shots)
All photo data provided by SD Card
* Printing - Optional
Price - To up to six people
One person・・・JPY30000
Two people・・・JPY40000
three people・・・JPY50000
Four people・・・JPY60000
Five people・・・JPY70000
Six people・・・JPY80000
Optional:Printing - JPY 1,000 per 1 Photo

Custom Made

Product code: 000SP0003


Shibuya Street Shooting Course Features
You will be able to stroll through the streets of Shibuya in Samurai Armor, and shoot photos anywhere you wish, which will make your trip even more unforgettable ! In the midst of Shibuya crowd, the dressers will help you pose for the best shots, uplifting your Samurai spirit to the Climax !

In this course, after shooting in the studio, you will able to walk in the streets of Shibuya, and shoot as many photos as you wish !
You will become an instant moviestar in the streets, receiving great attentions, and many times cheers and even photo requests from the crowd everywhere you appear!


Kacchu(armor) is Japanese transitional protective equipment, worn by Samurais mainly during battles using swords and bows.
Comparing to other kinds of protective equipments from all around the world, Kacchu is most unique for its vivid design and colorful appearance.. In the middle age/early modern period, Samurais were in the centre of power, especially during the Edo period when there were no wars, and Kacchu armors were perceived by top Samurais as symbol of of status. As a result, kacchu manufacturing embraced the most state-of-the-art technologies in blacksmithing, leatherworking, painting, metalworking, weaving and various other areas.

To handle kacchu well, one needs to be familiar with the various materials used, as well as the structure of how each part is connected to others centered around the helmet and torso. That is why Kacchu(armor) is also considered as an antique work or art, traditionally craft, and historical treasure.

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