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SHIRO "城" Japanese Castle model

KIBE Japanese Castle Model


While there are some Japanese castle's plastic model kits in the market, You can never find finished model castle like the one crafted by Kibe san.

Kibe san create his original miniature recreation of various Japanese castle with his passion in Japanese history of the Sengoku period and scale model.

The model has incredible details and finely balanced structure. His work has been featured in various TV program and news, used as an educational model to explain castle's surrounding area.

Custom Made

Product code: 000KB0001


It can be a great addition for your special collection! It can also be displayed at museum or gallery to show important part of Japanese warring states/Edo period culture.

Approx. 1/700 scale Japanese castle

4 sizes are available:
L - 600mm by 450mm
M - 450mm by 300mm
S - 257mm by 364mm
XS - 210mm by 297mm

Please write down the name of castle you want to order in the order form. We will get back to you with quotation in 2-3 business days.

Estimated completion time: 1-6 months


Japanese Castle (城) were fortress of Samurai and symbol of their power. These castles were built, destroyed and rebuilt again during the Sengoku period. They were built on variety of environments, but it was most common to built on a mountain as it provided great natural advantages such as strong defence and better view over surrounding area. Also, it helped to make castle look more impressive and intimidating.

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