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侘寂 - WABISABI - Wabi-sabi is a concept exclusive to Japan which focuses on the beauty of acceptance in one another and as 

well as the beauty of things modest and humble.


DAGASHI ーJapanese Cheap sweets

Preparing for Halloween or Christmas?
How about enjoying some Japanese sweets with friends and family?

The Japanese dagashi was first produced to be a more affordable choice compared to the traditional Jogashi, which was typically only served during tea ceremonies. What made the dagashi so attractive was its taste, assortment as well as the fun it provided despite its price. It’s a confectionery made for all seasons and can be enjoyed with your loved ones no matter the occasion! How would you like to try some for yourself today?

Konpeito: one of Japan’s oldest traditional sweets.

- Roots

1. A Japanese original sweet now made for export!

The dagashi’s history dates all the way back to the 16th century when Portuguese ships that came for trade introduced their confectionaries which were called “Nanban confectionery” in Japan. The Japanese people and their excitement towards these biscuits and candies they’ve never tried before moved them to create their very own versions of these confectionaries; complete with slight improvements in terms of its taste and outlook. After a long period of trial and error, they finally succeed in producing what we now know as the Japanese dagashi, with its variety, uniqueness as well as originality in taste.

It’s common for children to go to these traditional sweet stores and have a ball trying to pick out what they would like. These stores are mostly manned by an elderly person who would watch over them with joy.

- Style

2. A place where children would gather and have fun!

The Dagashiya (literally, traditional sweet store) is a very interesting place as it is usually run by elderly couples and children would go over and hang out after school or during the holidays. The dagashiya serves as a place for children to communicate as well as play due to its large diversity of products.

Even the packaging is made to be as colorful as possible to attract and bring joy to those that buy it.

- Spec

3. Anything becomes possible when it comes to entertainment.

One thing that sets Japanese dagashi aside from the usual sweets is its uniqueness. For example, sushi-shaped erasers, mochi-like fruit- candies, chocolate shaped like 5 yen coins, corn soup or even curry flavored snacks. Each and every one of these sweets was made to attract and give joy to the children buying them. While it is a lot more affordable, its taste is almost as good as the usual confectioneries.

But what if I want to enjoy both the flashy and colorful Western sweets as well as the fun and creative Japanese dagashi?

After spending a few hundred years of perfecting, the Japanese dagashi we know today is not only cheap but tastes just as good as any of the sweets on the market now. We recommend trying its flavors first-hand!

  • A trusted Japanese brand

    Most Japanese sweets may look flashy with its colorful packaging but its taste and quality is no less. Made from ingredients with nutritional value and non-GM crop, its reliability and safety has earned itself trust as a Japanese brand.

  • Great for family-bonding!

    Dagashis can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, making it the ultimate item for spending quality time with the family.

  • A great treat for Halloween and Christmas too!

    The dagashi is versatile in a way that it could be eaten regardless of the occasion, with its vast choices as well as colorful packaging which makes it suitable for any celebration. Dagashis make wonderful gifts or props during a play, so what better way to attract attention than a bag of your own?