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雅 - MIYABI - Miyabi is the Japanese equivalent of elegance or refinement and usually refers to concept of using gold or silver decorations to symbolize beauty; which was introduced by the aristocrats of feudal Japan.


Japanese Golden Crafts

A specialty directly from the land of Gold, “Zipangu” A premium item loved by Marie Antoinette herself!

Japan was once called the “Land of Gold, Zipangu” and was believed to be filled with gold by visitors from Western Europe. It quickly became famous and the image projected by those foreigners was not entirely false. Craftwork made in the Edo Period was considered priceless due to the various styles as well as the Kinpaku decorations on it. Examples of the decorations used would be like the Japanese maki-e, mother of pearls and more. These gorgeous Kinpaku decorations represent the ultimate beauty of Japanese craft and skills of the highest level. We recommend getting your very own little luxury to adore and enjoy!

- Roots

1.Maki-e art; a symphony of black and gold/silver

The Japanese Maki-e is a type of art that combines the beauty of both black lacquer and kinpaku decorations, a style uniquely exclusive to Japan. It is said to be the embodiment of Japanese aesthetics and represents the highest level of luxury when it comes to daily everyday items. With a long history of collection by the aristocrats of the Heian Period all the way to the samurai warriors of the Edo Period, it was a common practice for the wealthy to show-off and compare their collections.

- Style

2. Marie Antoinette’s favorite luxury item

Japanese Maki-e was considered the pinnacle of Japanese craftwork due to its overwhelming beauty and luxurious look and was very popular among the foreign aristocrats and royals. Marie Antoinette, King Louis the XVI’s queen was among one of the many fans who have fallen in love with it the moment she saw it. Some of the items in her collection were sold in Kyoto and brought over by Dutch and Portuguese merchants to Europe. Due to her large collection as well as the box’s good preservative qualities, it was no wonder it became Marie Antoinette’s favorite collectibles.

Kinpaku decorations are now coming to your ordinary everyday items as well!

- Spec

3. Making your everyday a special day!

Kinpaku decorations are now used in a variety of products such as smartphone cases, USB flash disks, ZIPPO lighters, cutleries and more. Just by adding something as simple as the kinpaku decorations, your everyday items could become something special too. The feeling of luxury that one can gain from these items is truly one to enjoy. We hope that you would be able to find your very own special item as well.

But they’re both luxury items! European made and Japanese Kinpaku Craft

Items of artwork made of gold/silver is now a common thing and is available around the world but the biggest selling point when it comes to the Japanese Kinpaku Craft is its practicality as well as its affordable prices.

While most European branded crafts may cost as much as a car or even a house, a Kinpaku craft can be yours for an affordable price.

  • The perfect gift for friends and family!

    Kinpaku crafts make gorgeous gifts for anniversaries and grand occasions, such as birthday presents, weddings or even housewarming gifts. It would certainly bring joy and surprise to those receiving it, so how would you like to purchase one for your loved ones and paint a smile on their faces as well?

  • To reward yourself!

    Its dazzling exterior also makes it a wonderful reward for working so hard and it would probably be something special to you as well! Its gold sparkle is said to be able to bring peace to those that own it, and who knows, it might even bring you good luck too!