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SAKAIUCHI HAMONO ーJapanese Kitchen Knife

The sharpness of the traditional Japanese katana now available in your home!

Introducing Osaka’s ‘Sakai-uchi Hamono’ with 600 years of history to it! Born from the culinary city of Osaka, this kitchen knife has been gaining popularity around the world; mainly Asia and Europe for its superior performance in the world of culinary arts. While each knife is hand-forged and assembled with care; production is now unable to keep up with its high demand. As each of these knives is somewhat rare, we will be selling a very limited number. How would you like to try it out for yourself?

A professional chef is called an ‘Itamae’ in Japan and as taste means everything, these chefs always make it a point to use only the best utensils when cooking.

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1. About 90% of professional chefs are using Sakai-uchi knives!

The Sakai-uchi Hamono are a very popular item among the local chefs in Japan and this is due to its amazing cutting ability. The sharpness of the knife not only affects work efficiency but it is said that the taste of a dish changes according to the utensils used as well. Especially when it comes to dealing with raw ingredients, the sharper the knife, the better the dish would taste after. Along with their ideals of providing only the best dishes with the best ingredients, this becomes the reason why most Japanese chefs end up choosing the Sakai-uchi Hamono over other knives.

Produced by swordsmiths that have undergone training under the traditional art of forging, each knife is hammered repeatedly over a long period until it becomes sturdy enough to last for a long time.

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2. Forged by traditional Japanese katana forging techniques, its high performance is second to none!

Japanese swords have long been forged with a combination of different metals and this technique is now inherited and applied to the forging of the Sakai-uchi knives. The blade itself is made from a mixture of melted soft iron and steel and is folded and hammered repeatedly until the ideal hardness is achieved. It is precisely because the knife is forged using traditional methods that its strength is unmatched despite being slim.

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3. Quality recognized by the Tokugawa Shogunate!

The Sakai-uchi Hamono’s history dates back to during the Edo period when the demand for knives to cut tobacco leaves was high and there was a need to separate the different knives that were produced in different regions. It was then that the Tokugawa Shogunate decided that all knives produced in Sakai were to be called ‘Sakai-kiwame’ and the Sakai-uchi Hamono had become a premium item only available from the shogunate. The knive’s selling point was its unrivaled sharpness which was approved by the shogunate itself!

It’s hard to make a choice!
German-made knives and the secret Sakai-uchi Hamono

Its highly possible that many professional chefs use both the common German-made knives alongside the Sakai-uchi knives as both of them are of the highest quality when it comes to their respective specialties.

As so, it is important to make the correct choice according to the intended use.

  • The more the knife is used, the better one gets at handling it as well as the quality of the food produced!

    The Sakai-uchi Hamono is famous for its unrivaled sharpness and while it may take some time and practice before it can be used well; much like the Japanese katana, your skills may level up with time too! How would you like to try out the ultimate Bushido-training?

  • Japanese Knifes that can be repaired!

    The biggest difference between the Sakai-uchi Hamono and the ordinary knives is the fact that the Japanese knives can be repaired and maintained by the swordsmith that made it. If the handle loosens, it could be reattached and if the blade dulls, resharpening and maintenance is possible as well.