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Standard Edition Samurai armor Kebiki "毛引" style 4-pieces armor



This Modern "当世" style Samurai armor set include:

Dou: 2 parts dou with Kebiki "毛引" style finish. *Not using Hon-kozane
O-Sode: Kebiki "毛引" style.
Kote: Japanese Catfish style Kote
Suneate: Basic tsutsu "筒" style shin protector
*Armor styles and small details are subject to change.

Armor parts' and string's color can be freely chosen upon order.

*This set does not come with Kabuto or Haidate. Please contact us in the form below if you'd like to order matching set.

Main component: PP resin, FRP, Acrylic fiber
Decoration: steel, brass, lead

*Does not comes with Bitsu storage box nor display stand.

All of our armor are made by hand. We are being very careful but some small scratches and stain may be left on the armor.

Estimated delivery: For 10-14 days

Product code: 000IC0006


A set of 4 essential armor parts!
The best wearable Samurai Armor now in sale!
Simple and sturdy, It is made in elegant Kebiki "毛引" style to present beauty of string-work on armors.
This armor is made out of modern materials such as PP resin to make it light and to allow maximum ease of movement.

This set features O-sode, a shoulder armor originally developped to protect wearer from arrows in battlefield, when bow and allow were the main weapon of war.

All the parts are completely washable to let you manage your favorite set of armor suit in best condition.

If you tell us your body measurement, we will make adjustment without any extra charge. Also, you can choose the color of Dou torso armor and string.
*You can change all the armor parts to be painted in red for additional fee of just 5 USD!

Why Can't I purchase item with "Contact US" button?

Some of the items on A-Janaika Japan is custom-made. It means that there's customization needed or it takes some time longer than other crafts on A-Janaika Japan.

Here’s a simple step-to-step guide about the process of ordering made-to-order items:

  1. Once we receive your first email, we make contact with the craftspeople/workshops, then get back to you with more details.
  2. If you're happy with the details, you confirm via email, and include your shipping information. We send you an invoice, which can be paid via PayPal.
  3. Once we receive confirmation of your payment, we place an order with the craftsperson/workshop.
  4. We keep you updated on the progress of your order, and as soon as it's finished, we ship it to your location.

Order & Delivery Details

Payment methods: Payments can be made by PayPal or bank transfer, depending on the type of armor being ordered.
Delivery: Worldwide
EMS FedexE-Packet
Shipping Fee:

Free Worldwide Shipping Campaign!: Starting from December 2016, ALL the purchase above 100 USD will be free of shipping fee. This applies to all international shipment.

Delivery Time:

It takes about 4 - 7 days after you receive a notification email from us. Anywhere in the world via FedEx and EMS (unless some accident occurs). Tracking code will be sent to you to ensure secure shipment.

Insurance: A-Janaika covers 100% of purchase if the price of the item exceeds JPY 500,000. If the item is damaged or lost in the delivery* the customer receives either a 100% refund or a replacement item.*Subject to insurance company assessment. A damage or broken parts can be covered in above-mentioned insurance within 7 days from its arrival.
Cancellations: While we have a no-cancellation policy, we make sure to clearly communicate with all our customers to determine the correct item is requested before transactions are made.
Customs & Duty: As customs and duty vary from each country, this cost is incurred by the customer.